Maidens Cove

Trickline, Highline, Longline, Yogaline, Waterline....There are so many different types of slackline categories but the one that often draws the most attention is waterlining. Why? They provide a safe platform to perfect complex tricks while adding the dynamic of water below you and as a bonus provide stunning photo opportunities.

Since it is one of the most sought after slackline setups, we have received many requests to put one up somewhere and host a slackline session. After a lot of searching, Maiden's Cove, a tidal pool wedged between Camps Bay and Clifton filled by the icey tides of the atlantic ocean was the spot we chose to go with.

Some bathed in the sun while those brave enough to face the cold water below the slackline attempted it until the light turned golden and Ben Westermann brought out the Music. We continued to dance and slackline until the last light and our energy faded.


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