Clifton 4th Beach Day Collab.

As everyone in Cape Town knows, beach days are the best days!

Which is why Viper Slacklines teamed up with Mad Living, Wolfe & Co, Sabotage Elite and Red bull to host the ultimate beach gathering with well over 100 attendees who showed up throughout the afternoon on Sunday the 17th of Feb.

We had exceptionally hot weather and the day started out with a dip in the ice cold atlantic ocean followed by some equally as cold red bulls before setting up the Viper Slackline beach setup for everyone to try. 

Wolfe & Co provided the musical vibe, Mad Living brought the tribe while the guys from Sabotage Elite amazed everyone by flipping off rocks and sending the biggest tricks off of the slackline that anyone had ever seen.

The day was an absolute success and everyone had a blast taking their first steps on a slackline, skim boarding, swimming, tanning and playing beach bats or Frisbee.

This was one for the books and we will definitely be hosting another one. 



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